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From: Larry Jones
Date: Sat, 9 Mar 2002 14:50:10 -0500 (EST)

Moises Zanabria writes:
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> I got this :
> revision 1.1
> date: 2002/03/08 23:08:31;  author: uid15364;  state: Exp;
> branches:  1.1.1;
> Initial revision
> and actually if I use my cvs 1.10 (server) I see :
> revision 1.2
> date: 2002/03/08 23:08:31;  author: mzanabri;  state: Exp;
> Any ideas what I doing wrong.

You don't say what platform you're running on, but assuming it's
Unix-like, that implies that the getpwuid() system call with your uid
returned NULL.  If you're using NIS (nee Yellow Pages) to distribute
users and passwords, it may be that you need to link with a special
library to get an NIS-enabled version of that routine.  Or it could be
one of your modifications.  You might want to try building an unmodified
version of CVS and see if it has the same problem.  If it does, then you
probably have a link problem; if not, it's probably a problem with your

-Larry Jones

You should see me when I lose in real life! -- Calvin

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