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Re: locked files, how to handle

From: Georg Wilckens
Subject: Re: locked files, how to handle
Date: 9 Mar 2002 12:47:16 +0100
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Eric Siegerman <address@hidden> wrote:

>  As others have commented, CVS was designed to be used without
>  locking, without screwing you up in the process.

I got the point now, thanks to all, who gave explanations! :)
> > Hey, that's neat. Couldn't find that in the documentation, thanks for
> > the hint. :) :)
>  Because CVS doesn't want you to use the locks you've been
>  setting, the documentation doesn't describe them in too much
>  detail.  Grab the latest RCS distribution and read its manual
>  pages, especially the one for the "rcs" command.

Ok, I will do that. What is the connection between "cvs admin" and
rcs?  Are the command simply passed through?

>  (Of course, CVS does internal locking to prevent concurrent

Yep, that one I figured out. 


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