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Please help with merge!!!!!

From: Andy Mayer
Subject: Please help with merge!!!!!
Date: Fri, 08 Mar 2002 22:27:29 +0000
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Problem: I want to merge the vendor's new release (R2) with my
customisations to the previous release (R1).

So first I create a branch for the vendor's new release and commit his
changes to my repository as follows:

$ cd module-name
$ cvs tag -b vendors-R2-branch
$ mv /path/to/R2 *
$ cvs commit -m "New release R2"

And then I merge this new branch to the main branch as follows:

$ rm -Rf module-name  # create clean working copy 
$ cvs checkout module-name
$ cd module-name
$ cvs update -kk -j vendors-R2-branch

All the changes now appear merged okay in my working directory, but my
first lot of changes to R1 in the main branch have all been changed back
to what they where originally in R1 (ie. the vendor's coding)!!

How do I make CVS keep my original changes to R1, but take the vendor's
new changes to R2?



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