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Re: rejected access

From: Lorne Gutz
Subject: Re: rejected access
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 08:04:20 -0500

On Tuesday 05 March 2002 14:45, Larry Jones wrote:
> Lorne Gutz writes:
> > cvs login: authorization failed: server rejected
> > access to /usr/local/cvsroot/fct1 for user anon
    CVS version 1.11 on both computers.   Server is on  LINUX
2.2.18  and client is on LINUX 2.4.16.
     Your comments here, remimded me of one thing.  When I did
an  'inetd restart'  there was no error messages, but there was no 
feedback either.   This seemed rather strange!!
Is there any way of knowing if the config file was reread??
This computer is also used as an NFS file server so I can't just
go and reboot it.

> So you're successfully starting the server, but it's rejecting access.
> That means that either the repository you specified doesn't match one of
> the --allow-root options on the server (although it looks like it does),
> the username you've specified isn't valid (it appears to be), or the
> password doesn't match.  What version of CVS are you running?  You
> should be able to do "cvs version" on the client to get both the client
> and server versions -- if that doesn't work, you almost certainly need
> to upgrade.  You should also check the syslog on the server machine for
> messages from CVS that can aid in problem determination.
> -Larry Jones
> I don't like these stories with morals. -- Calvin
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