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Re: Any Real time examples of Branching, Please!!!

From: Wim Kerkhoff
Subject: Re: Any Real time examples of Branching, Please!!!
Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2002 02:30:45 -0800

Teala Spitzbarth wrote:
> There was a similar thread about Build Processes (Release Engineering)
> in CVS back in August, started by Bil Joga.   My reply outlines our
> tagging and branching model:
> If you look around that date you will see a few other replies.

When I originally replied to this email, I believe we agreed it wouldn't
quite work for a parallel development scheme. I've since done some more
reading and digesting of information, and think it might be able to
work. Your method makes a lot more sense to me now. I'll have to
experiment more with the manipulation of tags and branches when I get a

I've started a Wiki site on CVS Release Engineering at:

and I have taken the liberty of citing your email in a page linked from

Feel free to tweak, add links, comments, etc, preferably in the spirit
that the existing material is added in. This Wiki is written using RCS
to store the pages, so we can ruthlessly refactor.

> Although Fogel's book covers some Release Engineering issues - I think
> there is need for a book to be written specifically about Release
> Engineering with CVS.  Certainly  I have spent many hours eeking out
> rare information about branching (restricting access to branches) &
> commitinfo scripts, and figuring out how to work around bugs in the log
> command to get valid change report information. I also know a fellow
> engineer that has successfully implemented CVSzilla, and the
> implementation details of CVS/Bugzilla integration would make an
> important segment of any Release Engineering discussion.   I don't know
> how informative "Practical Software Configuration Management: The
> Latenight Developer's Handbook by Tim Mikkelson & Suzanne Pherigo "
> regarding Release Engineering in CVS, but if not, then I might summon
> the energy to start a "Release Engineering in CVS" book....

I've put the beginnings of an overview/review of this book in a Wiki
page at:



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