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revision tree

From: Dausy Wim
Subject: revision tree
Date: Tue, 05 Mar 2002 18:15:31 +0100

I'm "trying" to make something to viualize the entire revisiontree,
on module or directory basis. More in purpose for buildmanagers.
So they can easily find out which files where modified,
sometimes this isn't the most easy job. I would like to make it easy.
I was looking in some cervisia code to see how it manages this on file

Can anyone help me, with telling me which format cervisia (or gcs or
or maybe progs. that I haven't met yet) uses to build op its tree?
So i can make the same sort file but then for a whole project,
that I can give to one of these progs. so they can visualize it for us?

I was trying to "decode" some code, but I didn't have much succes so
maybe, hopefully, I will be soon. But if anyone can give a shortcut,
I will be more than thankfull.


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