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How to configure CVS server

From: Linux India
Subject: How to configure CVS server
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2002 16:25:47 +0530

        I'm trying to configure CVS machine [server] on my company network. I'm 
using "RedHat 7.2"  I'm totally new to CVS stuff. There are many things that 
were not covered in CVS document. 
        Things like  

1.Unblocking the 2401 port. Which by default in RedHat is blocked by 

2. The document says every were "inetd.conf" but I guess in RH7.2 it is 

3. The document doesnt have a single word on /etc/xinet.d/cvspserver file! 
I have created that file on my own. but I dont know if that is right or not. 

4. Also the document doesnt say anything how to create cvs users file. i.e. 
how to create names & password file. One of the major problem is I have NIS 
server that authenticates all my users at central server but I dont know how 
to authenticate users in that case.

If anyone knows any solution please reply to this mail.

Thank you.

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