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Undoing Deletes

From: Donald Gates
Subject: Undoing Deletes
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2002 16:44:17 -0800

Problem: I checked out a module from the repository (via a tag), deleted
some files and then committed them. (This particular module has been tagged
several times in its development, and the point at which I checked it out
was about "half-way back" from its current state.)

This of course, was a mistake. (What I should have been doing was creating a
branch from this point in the development of this module, but that's another

My question is: How do I "undo" the deletion of the files and restore the
module to its "pre-deletion" state? I presume the right solution involves
bringing the files back out of the attic. However, I am hesitant to attempt
this without conferring with those in the community who are more
knowledgeable on this subject than I.

Any suggestions on how to proceed?

Don Gates

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