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RE: Configuration-Files

From: Helliwell, Matthew
Subject: RE: Configuration-Files
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2002 17:21:31 -0000

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From: Johannes Schneider [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: 04 March 2002 16:46

> we use CVS to controll a project. We are 4 developers at the moment and
> everybody uses different configuration-files (, ...).
> We would like to hold a "basic"-version of those files in the
> but if one updates or commits the hole tree we run into some troubles...

> How do u handle individuall configuration files?

I've handled this by making the property file names configurable, eg as a
command line argument to the build process. We then keep the standard
uat/prod etc config files in cvs. Developers then have their own versions
but with a different name. So long as they don't try and add them to the
respository cvs ignores them, just displaying a question mark next to them
when you run an update.

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