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Re: Timestamping Tags?

From: Jesús M. NAVARRO
Subject: Re: Timestamping Tags?
Date: Mon, 04 Mar 2002 14:44:30 +0100
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Greg A. Woods wrote:
[ On Sunday, March 3, 2002 at 16:58:50 (-0800), Claude Johnson wrote: ]

Subject: Re: Timestamping Tags?

But is there any way, easy or not, to be able to cross-reference
the date and time of a tag's creation with the tag itself?

Well, if Claude *really* wants to track when a tag is created, why not naming the tag after the date?
i.e.: bug_123_2002-MAR-04

...and, if you need to insure the tag is valid (the date-string is current date, for instance), you can test it at creation time too (taginfo file).

If you think this makes "ugly" tags, then you can use that taginfo called script to write to a file pairing the tag name to the creation date (problem is that taginfo runs before the tag is effectively applied so if the tag fails *after* that point, the file will have unconsistant info)
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