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Left-over lock files

From: Dan Peterson
Subject: Left-over lock files
Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2002 20:23:30 -0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Recently, I've been investigating a problem with left-over lock files on
our CVS server (pserver).

During my research, I wanted to see how a client responds when a lock file
exists.  I assumed if I manually created a lock dir called #cvs.lock or a
lock file called #cvs.rfl.<host>.<pid> or #cvs.wfl.<host>.<pid>, the
client would report the module is locked.

The only one that appeared to work as I expected was #cvs.lock.  When
#cvs.lock existed, the cvs client would report:

  waiting for <users>'s lock in <directory>

If either of the other 2 lock files existed (and #cvs.lock didn't exist),
the cvs command would work just fine.  I tried changing the owner of the
rfl/wfl lock file and making sure the pid was for a current process...
nothing seemed to work.

What am I missing?   Shouldn't the existence of the lock file cause the
cvs command to fail or wait?

The version of CVS on the server side is 1.11.

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