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Re: Major cvs surgery, need suggestions

From: David A. Desrosiers
Subject: Re: Major cvs surgery, need suggestions
Date: Sat, 02 Mar 2002 15:34:47 GMT
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>  They are merely sequential counters of revisions stored in the RCS
> files.  If you need to remember any given point in the revision history
> of a file, or of all the files in a module, then you really must use
> tags and tags alone.

        I was under the impression that the revision numbers were used
internally by cvs itself to track the changes on a per-commit basis of
each file? 

        If I go from 1.46 of a file to 1.1 in a new location, and then want to
retrieve version 1.12 of that file, how do I do that, when all of the
revision numbers are now missing from the new file (but of course, still
exist in Attic/oldfile,v) 

        ..and if I must use tags and tags alone, are you suggesting that I
instruct my developers to tag every single file at every single commit?
That could get tedious.

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