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Help Adding Directories

From: Terry Spafford
Subject: Help Adding Directories
Date: Fri, 01 Mar 2002 14:13:45 -0800
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As I've mentionned in previous messages, I'm basically reorganizing the code management system and I'm wondering what the easiest way to do something is.

Basically, we have decided that we don't mind 'losing' the history of changes for old code. (Since if we really need it, we still have the records from PVCS). At the same time, we have lots of versions of our code to keep track of. The way I am doing it is to make them a branch off of our main development branch. The problem is, for the initial set up, I have to create a lot of branches, each one with older code effectively, and I'm wondering how best to do this.

For example, say I have a project called Proj1. I also have 2 versions of code I want to check in by creating branches off of Proj1. These versions are mostly similar to the trunk of Proj1, but there are a lot of differences since they are older versions or they contain specialized code for the customer or for some other reason.

What is the easiest way I could check this code in as a branch of Proj1? Is there an easy way?

My current thinking for a method is:
1.checkout the Trunk
2. create the branch using the Trunk code
3. replace the code in the sandbox with the version I want to be checked in for that branch while maintaining the CVS dir's. 4. do a cvs diff to find out where all the differences are (especially for noticing added and removed files)
5. cvs add/remove files (and directories) as needed
6. Commit all the changes under the new branch.

Is there another way/a cleaner way I could do this?

Terry Spafford
Software Engineer
Global Weather Dynamics Inc
Monterey, California, USA

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