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Re: CVS Socket comunication problem

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: CVS Socket comunication problem
Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2002 13:41:19 -0500 (EST)

jazzvale writes:
> The problem is that we don't know how to retrieve the names of the
> files that has been deleted for a folder (is there a way to log a
> whole folder and retreive allso the names of the deleted files?).

I think "cvs log" will list all the files in a directory, including
deleted ones.

> C: Directory . 
> C: d:/cvs3/rep1/vers1/pirla 
> C: Entry /phile7.txt/1.1/=// 
> C: Argument phile7.txt 
> C: update 
> S: E cvs server: phile7.txt is no longer in the repository
> S: Removed ./
> S: d:/cvs3/rep1/vers1/pirla/phile7.txt
> S: ok 
> phile7.txt is the file that we're trying to recover, but it seems that
> cvs doesn't want to retreive the version 1.1 of this file!!!

No, you've told CVS that you *have* revision 1.1 (in the Entry command),
but you've asked it to update that to the current revision, which is
deleted, so the server tells your client to delete the file.  You either
need to add a sticky tag (of 1.1) to your Entry line or add an explicit
"-r 1.1" to your update (you might want to add a "-p" as well, depending
on what you want to do).

> Does anybody can help us? Is some documentation avialable somewhere?

The only client/server documentation is in the CVS source distribution
in doc/cvsclient.texi and the source code itself.  It may be helpful to
run the standard CVS client with $CVS_CLIENT_LOG set to log the commands
and responses.

-Larry Jones

Well of course the zipper's going to get stuck if everyone
stands around WATCHING me! -- Calvin

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