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RE: Loginfo misbehavior w/ CVS 1.11p1

From: Douglas Finkle
Subject: RE: Loginfo misbehavior w/ CVS 1.11p1
Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2002 11:21:46 -0500

> > Here is the line in loginfo that worked in v1.10: 
> > 
> > DEFAULT         /usr/ucb/Mail -s "CVS Update: %{sv}" address@hidden
> This change was inadvertently omitted from NEWS -- the substitution is
> now inside double quotes rather than single quotes (this allows us to
> support files with single quotes in their names).  You need to change
> your loginfo to something like:
>   DEFAULT         /usr/ucb/Mail -s "CVS Update: "%{sv} address@hidden
> or, if you like the single quotes around the substitution:
>   DEFAULT         /usr/ucb/Mail -s "CVS Update: '"%{sv}"'" 
> address@hidden
> -Larry Jones

Thanks, Larry!!!  I now have sendmail happiness! :-) 

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