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Setting Up CVS - RSH problems

From: X X
Subject: Setting Up CVS - RSH problems
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 16:24:07 -0400

Hello CVS Users,

I am setting up CVS on a Solaris 7 system and am having trouble with the rsh command.

According to section 2.9.2 (Connecting with rsh) of the CVS manual I need to be able to run this command...

rsh -l bach 'echo $PATH'

...and get a result that contains a PATH which includes the location of the CVS program.

Since I am using the Korn Shell I have setup the PATH in the .kshrc file on the remote system I am rsh'ing to. However, the result of the above command never contains the correct PATH. Actually, as far as I can tell the .kshrc file is never even sourced.

I suppose this question is really all Unix and not really CVS, but I was hoping someone may have some thoughts on this.

Any ideas?


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