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RE: DIfferent workspace directories than repository...

From: Javabandit
Subject: RE: DIfferent workspace directories than repository...
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 17:08:47 EST

> First off you really really really need to learn what 
> it means when it is said that CVS only manages files,
> and really only text files at that.

I agree.  That's why I asked the question.  I was unclear as to the limitations 
and capabilities of CVS.

> CVS is not a full SCM tool -- see the manual for more
> detailed descriptions of what CVS is and what it is 
> not.

I did.  Several times.  And I didn't see reference to what I am talking about.  
Lack of features are rarely documented in any kind of manual.  Which is why I 
asked.  Before, I assumed that CVS didn't have this feature, but I wanted to 
make sure by asking those most knowledgeable about it.  

Although, the feature I'm asking I don't think is a "full SCM" tool feature.  
Because there are other SCM tools with comparable features to CVS that support 
what I'm talking about.  But they don't have all of the bells and whistles of 
expensive full-blown SCM tools.

Anyways, thanks for your response.

-- Rick

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