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CVS setup help

From: Rohit Peyyeti
Subject: CVS setup help
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 18:00:13 +0530

I need some help on setting up CVS here. I have couple of
projects configured as modules in CVS. All the project
directories are group owned by the project group.
And I simply add users to the project group(s) for granting 
access to the repository.
Is there any better way to set this up? Also, I need read
only access to certain project directories for some of the
users. How is that possible?
I also tried setting up CVS in read-only mode by configuring
CVSREAD environment variable. Though the files in the checked
out module are read-only but the ownership belongs to the
user. So, right now user can change the file permissions
using chmod and then commit the files to the repository. This
should not be happening.
How does one handle such situations? Any pointers will be
greatly appreciated.
Rohit Peyyeti

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