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CVS login time

From: jazzvale
Subject: CVS login time
Date: 24 Jan 2002 06:48:59 -0800

We're developing a java application to store and get files into a cvs
We do this using the cvs comunication protocol.
The application works good, but we have serious speed problem because
every time we login into the cvs-server the it waits about 2.2 seconds
to authorize the user.

Does anyone know how to decrease this dead time?

INFO: At the moment the cvs-server is running on a W2000 server, but
in a few weeks we will start testing on lynux. The server is
- Build 41 for NT
This is how we log:

14:28:07.166 [main] - C: BEGIN AUTH REQUEST 
14:28:07.166 [main] - C: d:/cvs2 
14:28:07.176 [main] - C: admin 
14:28:07.196 [main] - C: Aye%?= 
14:28:07.196 [main] - C: END AUTH REQUEST 
14:28:09.469 [main] - S: I LOVE YOU



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