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RE: (no subject)

From: Art
Subject: RE: (no subject)
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2002 19:44:25 -0600

You guys are absolutely right.
are getting a free ride. They are getting
a free lunch. They are wasting the time of thousands
of technical folks, in the interest of selling a "mattress"
in Hong Kong or some place where most of us don't shop!
And worst, they DON'T CARE!
The problem is, you can't reason with spammers!
You have to ignore them via filters or email their ISP's!
I.e., you need to cut them off or forget about it.
I wish we could force them to pay for the WASTED BANDWIDTH,
but we don't really have the mechanisms in place to enable
us to do that.
So, I gave up on relying on the CVS mailing list administrator
to reduce the waste of bandwidth, but I have a hight speed
connection which allows me the luxury of filtering out crap.
I do, however empathize for everyone who has a lower speed
internet connection or lower threshold for garbage. In this
regard, I do wish the mailing list administrator would filter
out, at least the obvious SPAM.
BTW, my filter will remove this message based on a simple
Microsoft Outlook "Wizard Rule", so it may take me a while
to follow-up on this thread.
Thanks & Regards,
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Subject: RE: (no subject)

I'm finding that it is pretty effective to filter on character set.  Look in the headers for character set info.  I filter out the ones that my computer isn't configured to display anyway.

But it is a problem.  Such a waste of bandwidth to filter on my end...

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