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Re: trouble with symlinks

From: Simon Strandgaard
Subject: Re: trouble with symlinks
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 16:12:21 +0100

I dont see why this should be unsafe?

I know there are many oddities when storing symlinks inside cvs.
But i dont see why symlink pointing out of the repository to
outside files, should be a problem?  It works partly for me, except
that cvs look at the symlinks timestamps instead of the symliked-files.

The freebsd man pages doesnt talk at all about symlinks. Where
can i find some info on symlinks and cvs?

Well thanks, i couldnt find any earlier messages on google that discussed
the subject, the only thing i saw where trouble with link residing inside

Simon Strandgaard

BTW, I have made a ruby script that syncronizes the timestamps, so i can

Frederic Brehm <address@hidden> skrev i en
> At 22:28 +0100 1/13/02, Simon Strandgaard wrote:
> >I have created some symlinks in my repository, pointing out
> >to some files outside the repository.
> >
> >But CVS is only looking at the symlinks timestamps. NOT the
> >timestamp on the files outside the repository!!!
> >
> >Is there any options by which i can tell cvs where to look in
> >case of a symlink?
> No.
> Don't use symlinks for files in your repository. CVS doesn't deal
> with them in any safe way.
> Symlinks to directories in the repository work in some cases, but not
> all (I think). Use the -a option in the modules file.

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