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RE: Help Please: Preserving keywords in 3rd party sources

From: Nicholas Catanchin
Subject: RE: Help Please: Preserving keywords in 3rd party sources
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 13:00:42 +1000

Thanks for your reply Larry.
Could you please just clarify a few queries for me? That would be great.

>       cvs import -W "*.gif -k 'b'" -W "* -k 'o'"

1. Is it just '*' as opposed to '*.*'? 

2. Do I need to use the wrappers every time I import this 3rd party
I'm assuming I do need to... especially if new files have been added to
the project?

3. If so - can I place the wrappers into a '.cvswrappers' file in the
root directory of the project files to avoid having to type them in
every time?
(There are also .PDF files in the distribution.. as well as a few other
binary formats)

4. Does the '.cvswrappers' file need to be present in every directory of
the project source?

5. I also have a '.cvsignore' file in the root dir of the project - can
I place the '.cvswrappers' file inside the '.cvsignore' file so that it
doesn't get imported, or will this cause it to be ignored??

Thanks a lot for your patience.


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