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Re: Any Real time examples of Branching, Please!!!

From: Wim Kerkhoff
Subject: Re: Any Real time examples of Branching, Please!!!
Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2002 14:48:32 -0800

"Datla, Raghav" wrote:
> Hi,
>      Can anyone post me examples of branching in real time
> Dev-Stage-Production environment if you are using it. I will appreciate your
> help.

I'm interested in this well. We've recently moved to CVS, and I'm
working on massively re-writing all our build scripts to support this.
We use a scheme similiar to your Dev-Stage-Production environment. 

How do you plan to handle versioning?  On the old system we used a 4
digit build number for each distributed file as well as each
distribution. Ie, periodically make a release (e.g. Build 3200), but
regularly we release new versions of files via an update system within
the product. So, if they do an update today a new foo.jar might get
pulled in with a build number of 2783, or a new docs.pdf with a build
number of 1087. This has come to mean nothing, especially as a component
gets moved up from Dev to Stage, it takes over the build number of the
previous build number in Stage plus 1.

We've got Dev in CVS, but have not done any branching yet for Stage and
Production.  In addition the branching, I want to figure out a better
way of versioning. And this all should be powerful and simple enough to
implement, use, maintain, and show our developers and techs how to use

Your post comes at a good time, as I was about to do more research into
how other projects handle branching, and what kind of examples the cvs
books have.



Wim Kerkhoff, Software Engineer
Merilus, Inc.  -|-
Email: address@hidden

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