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Re: About merging when no CVS dir are present (David D)

From: David D
Subject: Re: About merging when no CVS dir are present (David D)
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2002 17:34:07 +0100

Yeah it's cvs update -A (the most recent version of files), here I have
conflicts :

One of them was about I have a production and a dev verson of a file.
I was adviced to make a makefile :
my file config.php no longer belong to cvs, I would hava a config.template n
make a :
make prod :
sed "/prod-dir/tpl-dir" ....
make dev :  ...
I thinks it s a great idea, dont think ?

Another question is what was doing the cvs update (without -A) i make ?
Does it have any consequences ?


> >But I update no conflits where found cool,
> >But when I commit I hava a lot of messages like this :
> >cvs commit : connot commit with sticky date for file 'toto/toto.php'
> >I dont know what to do ?
> It looks like you need to pass the '-A' argument to the update command in
the first instance - see the following section of the Cederqvist:
> I suspect that without the '-A' argument, your initial update is doing
very little (hence no conflicts)...
> You may also find the following link useful:
> Kind Regards,
> Duncan.
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