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Re: cvs-ssh connections problems

From: Warwick Molloy
Subject: Re: cvs-ssh connections problems
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2002 22:03:38 +1100

Hi Toby,

You will probably find that there is both a userid called 'cvs' and a group 
called 'cvs'.
If the cvs repository is writable for both userid 'cvs' and members of the 
'cvs' group, the you could ask the sys-admin to make your userid a member of 
'cvs' group.  When you issue cvs commands via ssh, you would then have write 
permissions to the repository.

Hope that helps.


On Wed, 02 Jan 2002 12:26:56 +1100
Toby Tremayne <address@hidden> wrote:

> I'm really desperate here, as I can't find any other answer...
> here's my full setup:
> my cvs machine is on the internal network, with people accessing it
> normally from work through the pserver method.  All users get mapped
> through the CVSROOT/passwd file to the system user "cvs".  This is
> required as the repository is actually a samba mounted drive that
> belongs to a windows machine (not my choice), and it's mounted by an
> entry in /etc/fstab with ownership of "cvs".
> All works fine through internal connection.  But external connection
> gives me "operation not permitted" when it's trying to change the mode
> of files in the repository, because the "cvs server" process is
> running NOT as the system user "cvs" but as the user name who is
> connecting.
> (external connections are through ssh, and the firewall does the
> correct port forwarding - ssh works fine).
> If I can find a way to force the cvs server to run as system user
> "cvs" then all will be wonderful and my problems are fixed.  I'm still
> pretty new to linux and cvs, and wondering if this is even possible?
> Is there another way to do this?
> any help at all would be enormously appreciated!
> cheers,
> Toby
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