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Help someone removed the branch tag script needed

From: Stephan Kauss
Subject: Help someone removed the branch tag script needed
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 18:57:01 +0100

Hi CVS Guru's,

I have a big CVS repository with a branch. Today we found out someone
remove the branch tag (R2001113-patch). (Don't ask me how he has done
If I look with tkcvs to the branches, I still see the version's, but the
branch name are not visible. Now I look into the RCS files (,v)
and find out there is no branch symbol (R2001113-patch) anymore.
This is the bad news's; the good new is : I also have the label R2001113
on each file before the branch start's.

Is there a script out which run over all files and add a symbol if it
find a label "R20011113" ?
The script need to be very clever because it has to add the branch tag
to the branch number e.q : 
add :

If someone know how it is possible to remove branch tag's please let me
know. We need to find out how to prevent this (the user how removed the
tag is a read-only user, this make it quite more mysterious)



Stephan Kauss             
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