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CVS checkout / update hangs in Register

From: Roger Tinembart
Subject: CVS checkout / update hangs in Register
Date: 16 Dec 2001 23:23:01 -0800

Hello CVS Gurus

I have a strange problem: If i try to checkout a project from my
Laptop with Windows 2000, cvs starts working and then hangs. The
strange thing is that when i try to do the same from my PC with
Windows NT, it works perfectly. If i checkout the project under NT and
copy the files to the Windows 2000 Laptop, i can do a cvs update. If i
delete one file and do the update again, it starts working (comparing)
and then hangs when it should update the deleted file.

Server: SUN Solaris 5.6, CVS 1.9.22
Client 1 (working) : Windows NT 4.0, Servicepack 6a, CVS 1.10
Client 2 (hanging) : Windows 2000, Servicepack 2, CVS 1.10

C:\TEMP>cvs -t checkout hydra/Client
S-> do_module (hydra/Client, Updating, , )
S-> Create_Admin (., hydra, /cvsmaster/hydra, , , 0, 1)
S-> unlink(./CVS/Tag)
 -> ParseInfo(/cvsmaster/CVSROOT/rcsinfo, hydra, ALL)
S<- Create_Admin
S-> do_module (hydra/Client, Updating, , )
-> unlink(CVS/Tag)
S-> fopen(/cvsmaster/CVSROOT/history,a)
S-> unlink(./CVS/Entries.Static)
-> unlink(CVS/Entries.Static)
cvs server: Updating hydra/Client
S-> checkout (/cvsmaster/hydra/Client/IniEx.h,v, 1.3, , IniEx.h)
S-> chmod(IniEx.h,100666)
S-> server_register(IniEx.h, 1.3, Mon Dec 17 07:00:51 2001, , , , )
S-> Register(IniEx.h, 1.3, Mon Dec 17 07:00:51 2001, ,  )
... now it hangs

Thank you for your help.
Roger Tinembart

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