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Long delay while updating on substituted drive

From: Rainer Schmitz
Subject: Long delay while updating on substituted drive
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 22:35:43 +0200


can somebody help me with this "feature":

I'm running W2K with the WinCVS client 1.2.0. My working directory is
a substituted driche (Z:) which redirects to C:\Users\RainerSchmitz.
The CVS-Repositroy is located on a server running cvs-nt. I connect to
the server via pserver.

When i check out, update or commit a file or a module with the path
Z:\CVS , the WinCVS (and the command line tool) start with a 20 to 30
second delay doing nothing.

I tried to access my working directory with the path
C:\Users\RainerSchmitz\CVS and my clients will start immediately
without the strange delay.

What's wrong? Any ideas?

thank you in advance

cu Rainer

Ohne Waffenschein ist das ganze Jahr Aschermittwoch.

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