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DirectTalk and CVS

From: prhodes
Subject: DirectTalk and CVS
Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2001 14:41:43 -0400

Hi, just wondering if there are any DT developers on the list, who use CVS
to manage your Rexx code? If so, I was wondering how other people manage
their DT projects.  Due to the nature of DT, it's most convenient to use
your x:\dtalk directory as your working directory, in a sense, because
that's where the code has to be to execute.  But, obviously one doesn't
want all those .dll's and crap in CVS.

There's also the issue of the voice segment and voice module files. Are
other people storing those files in CVS as well? If so, how well does that
work out?


Phillip Rhodes
Application Designer
Voice Data Solutions
919-571-4300 x225

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