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Re: cvs on websites

From: Gav
Subject: Re: cvs on websites
Date: 8 Oct 2001 09:48:07 GMT
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Tobias Brox <address@hidden> wrote in

> HTML and scripts fits well into CVS.  The hardest part is to teach the
> web designers how to use it.  Nobody saw the need of using it at my
> former workplace, so we never did.
> I'd say that files shouldn't be edited directly neither on the
> production server nor the development server, but at each
> designer/developers own workstation, and then updated at the
> development server through CVS (it might make sense to make a script at
> the development server that automaticly updates files as they are
> committed to the CVS, and eventually executes a Makefile after that).
> If you need anything that can't be offered through CVS, i.e. special
> permissions/modes/ownerships, this might be fixed through Makefiles.

this sounds like the sort of thing I have in mind. I am actually programming 
using the fusebox ( method and so my requirements are a little 
differant to the average webdeveloper.

I usually am able to find lots of materials on new projects so that I can 
learn from other peoples experienceand refine my ideas befroe I start on a 
project, but I can find very little on cvs and web development.

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