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From: Joseph Natar
Subject: error
Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2001 20:36:09 -0700


This is the cvs 1.11  setup. We are using passwd file and the user is cvsuser for the cvs access. I have implemented the cvs_acls setup by copying cvs_acls to /usr/local/bin and making it executable.

Also the avail file is created and an entry is put in the checkoutlist for avail.
I modified the commitinfo to include "DEFAULT         /usr/local/bin/cvs_acls"

Now when I try to connect using pserver and commit any file (CVSROOT), it is thinking that  I am user "cvsuser" (passwd file system user) not my regular login with which I checked out (jnatar). Hence the commit fails.

Any help appreciated.


Joe Natar

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