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CVS and remote SSH access

From: lexie
Subject: CVS and remote SSH access
Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2001 12:58:11 +0200

hi all,

i am sure somebody here will ba able to help me out with my small problem...
i seem to have difficulties using cvs through ssh

first let me explain my config:
- linux-box (mandrake 8.1) with cvs repository and ssh daemon
- windows workstation with cygwin installed, this is where my working
sources are located

to start working with cvs, i imported the sources from my windows machine to
the cvs repository using the cvs-pserver access method and everything works
fine. i can actually do everything i need with pserver access, as you can

                    X:\development\projects\test>cvs login
                    (Logging in to address@hidden)
                    CVS password:
                    X:\development\projects\test>cvs update
                    cvs server: Updating proj1
                    cvs server: Updating proj1/a-subdir
                    cvs server: Updating proj1/a-subdir/subsubdir
                    cvs server: Updating proj1/b-subdir
                    X:\development\projects\test>cvs logout
                    (Logging out of address@hidden)

BUT, since i also need to have security, i would like to use ssh (instead of
pserver) from my windows machine.

ssh seems to be working properly as you can see:

                    X:\development\projects\test>ssh address@hidden
                    address@hidden's password:
                    Last login: Fri Oct  5 10:06:17 2001 from
                    address@hidden suske]$ ls -l
                    total 4
                    drwx------    2 suske    suske        4096 Oct  3 14:11
                    address@hidden suske]$ logout

its only when i try to use ssh with cvs that it doesn't work. here is what i

                    X:\development\projects\test>set CVS_RSH=ssh
                    X:\development\projects\test>cvs update
                    address@hidden's password:
                    cvs update: authorization failed: server
rejected access to /usr/cvsrepos/test for user suske
                    cvs update: used empty password; try "cvs login" with a
real password

it says "try 'cvs login' with a real password, but when i try that it says
it can only use login for the pserver method:

                    X:\development\projects\test>cvs login
                    cvs login: can only use pserver method with `login'
                    cvs [login aborted]: CVSROOT:

what am i doing wrong?

ps: sorry for this long explanation, but i thought more info was better than
not enough info...

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