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cvs on win95/cygwin hangs

From: rspydir
Subject: cvs on win95/cygwin hangs
Date: 3 Oct 2001 07:16:33 -0700

I have linux box configured as a cvs server (v1.11p1). I can use CVS
client via rsh,ssh & pserver from linux, hpux,  Win2000/cygwin just

I installed the latest cygwin on a win95 laptop, and set the following
environment variables
CVSROOT=:ext:<my account>@<cvs host>:<cvs root path>

when I try a cvs operation (e.g. cvs status) the win95 client hangs.

the cygwin rsh is the only rsh version on the win95 machine

I can use rsh to perform operations on the cvs host (e.g. rsh
<cvshost> ls)

I tried using pserver (.i.e CVSROOT=:pserver:<my
account>@<cvshost>:<cvs root path> with the same results

using cvs -t status, I get the following

cvs status: notice main loop with CVSROOT=:ext:<my account>@<cvs
server>:<cvs root path>

-> Starting server: /usr/bin/rsh <cvs server> -l <my account> cvs

at this point it hangs...

is there a solution to this problem (w/o dumping win95)? I'd like to
continue using cvs on the commandline.

thanx in advance

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