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Re: Info-cvs digest, Vol 1 #1046 - 16 msgs

From: Tobias Brox
Subject: Re: Info-cvs digest, Vol 1 #1046 - 16 msgs
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2001 01:26:31 +0400
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[Sandra Humphrey - Tue at 02:53:34PM -0500]
> Why are we using this forum to discuss issues not related to
> CVS? Could you not take this off-line to discuss?

So, you agree to the point of view that security doesn't belong in CVS?


Sorry, I'm partly to blame - though I think I've had at least some
references to CVS in at least almost all of my postings :-)  I'll try to
restrict myself a bit more in the future.

Unemployed hacker
Will program for food!

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