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Re: CVS directory missing

From: Matt Riechers
Subject: Re: CVS directory missing
Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2001 16:35:43 -0400

Federico Carminati wrote:
> Not really,
>   this is exactly my problem. I have got the CVS directory for years from
> this server on all possible machines.

Meaning you have checked-out a module from

> I have just installed my new computer with RH 7.1, downloaded the software, 
> and there is no CVS directory.
> It works everywhere else! I was trying to understand if someone knows of some
> bug or feature on 7.1. Regards, Fed

Are you saying that cvs is not installed on your system? 'CVS' is a very
overloaded term. You have to be more specific.


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