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update -C fails

From: Fabrice Gautier
Subject: update -C fails
Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2001 01:16:22 +0200


When I do:

$ cvs -z9 -q update -P -C

I get the following error message:

cvs server: invalid option -- C
Usage: cvs server [-APdflRp] [-k kopt] [-r rev|-D date] [-j rev]
    [-I ign] [-W spec] [files...]
        -A      Reset any sticky tags/date/kopts.
        -P      Prune empty directories.
        -d      Build directories, like checkout does.
        -f      Force a head revision match if tag/date not found.
        -l      Local directory only, no recursion.
        -R      Process directories recursively.
        -p      Send updates to standard output (avoids stickiness).
        -k kopt Use RCS kopt -k option on checkout.
        -r rev  Update using specified revision/tag (is sticky).
        -D date Set date to update from (is sticky).
        -j rev  Merge in changes made between current revision and rev.
        -I ign  More files to ignore (! to reset).
        -W spec Wrappers specification line.

Could this be that the cvs server is so old that the -C option doesn't
(This is the CVS server...)

Fabrice Gautier <address@hidden>

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