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Re: [Fwd: CVS again]

From: Federico Montesino Pouzols
Subject: Re: [Fwd: CVS again]
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 15:57:12 +0200

On Thu, May 31, 2001 at 08:56:48AM -0400, Derek R. Price wrote:

> Sir,
> I thank you for your quick reply. your answers have been very
> helpful. today i came to know from my senior about why this
> software is needed.(he does not have any idea,came to know
> through someone)our overseas client has the source code of
> the software and at times there is a version conflict
> Though you have answered my query but i put the same
> question again
> Can i distribute the entire project on the web ?

        Yes, of course. For a very good example, browse the cvs
repository of any of the many projects developed in cvsweb allows for browsing the source code
repository like you can browse an ftp directory, but with many more
features derived from the version control functionalities.

        cvs allows for splitting a project into several modules, in
order to grant different access permissions to several developers.
You can grant access to all or any desired module.

> Can we host the source code  centrally so that both the parties can
> have access to it and at any given point of time
> . in this case there is no need to maintain two separate copies(one at
> client side,one for us) this will lead to easy maintenance and
> no discrepency with respect to source code. Is it possible
> if it is how could it be done?.

        Yes, again, take as a good example. For instance,
I am involved in a project coordinated through sourceforge, I use to
checkout the code from the central repository, modify some files, and
then upload it to the repository. That way, many programmers all around the
world can jointly develop an international project. 

> What does client interface and Web based interface mean with
> respect to cvs. which interface does it support.

        The cvs server can be accessed through plenty of different interfaces,
look at; in general, there are 

        * command line interfaces
        * GUI interfaces
        * Web interfaces

        There is a cvs server, and since it is widespread and being used
for many years, there are a lot of front-ends.
> There are several web browsers, at least one web client and a java client
> available, but no, strictly speaking, CVS is not browser based.(your reply)
> what are the names of web browsers ,web client(what do you mean by it0
> Java client?
> if i were to use it what are its advantages over
> Visual Soure Safe and what are its disadvantages.
> as i am doing a comparative study between the two and
> your answers would be very helpful to me in ginving
> a correct report to my boss.

        I do not know -any- big and open project being developed with
Source Safe. On the other hand, it is almost impossible surfing the web
without finding a project developed with cvs. It is a strong reason to
trust cvs.

        Also, you may have noticed that Microsoft "products" are not
very reliable for server tasks.

        Another reason to choose cvs: you can browse full manual on
line, freely download cvs, freely download its source code, request
improvements, ask other users all around the world.

> i would be certainly going through the sites mentioned
> An early reply would be appreciated.
> Thanking  you in anticipation
> Regards
> Amit Madhok

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