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Re: cvs edit: dying gasps

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: cvs edit: dying gasps
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 07:41:15 -0400

Bina Kshatriya wrote:

> If there is a watch set on a file and I try to use
> "cvs edit filename" to edit the file, I get an error
> message: "cvs edit: dying gasps" from the respository
> host.  The weird part is that I have used watches
> before and did not receive this error message.

This isn't enough information for me to diagnose this problem properly.
Could you set CVS_CLIENT_LOG to some absolute path and filename (for
example, '/tmp/cvslog', and don't forget to export CVS_CLIENT_LOG if
your shell requires it), rerun the offending CVS command, this time
specifying '-t' (trace), and post the result of the 'cvs -t edit
filename' command, the result of 'cvs version' (or, second best, 'cvs
-v' since the version command is relatively new), the result of 'uname
-a' (and/or a description of your system), and the contents of both log
files (in the example, '/tmp/' and '/tmp/cvslog.out') to
address@hidden ?


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