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Reapplying a tag

From: Helliwell, Matthew
Subject: Reapplying a tag
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 11:56:50 +0100

I couldn't see this documented anywhere but I could have missed it being new
to CVS...

I've moved some source code to CVS and run rtag to give it an appropriate
label. I now discover I've failed to move some files across and have just
added these in. I've also put the wrong version of some files into CVS.
These have now been updated.

If I now run rtag again on everything using the same label as before what's
going to happen to the files already tagged? Will I end up with 2 identical
tags on one file, possibly referring to two different version?

Thinking about it, I could just delete and reapply the tag but I'm still
curious as to what would happen.


Matt Helliwell

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