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Re: Information about multiple checkouts

From: Jay Sachs
Subject: Re: Information about multiple checkouts
Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 14:01:25 -0400

"Roberts, Iwan(LIT)" wrote:
> IMHO I believe that the main problem with CVS is that assuming we replace
> "checkout" with "cvs edit" in the statement below, user A marks a file for
> edit, user B also marks the file for edit, user A gets a notification that
> user B is about to edit the file, but user B is not informed that user A has
> previously marked the file for edit, therefore one party is informed, but
> not the other.  Is there a way for both parties to be notified ?

Sure. Put this in your CVSROOT/notify:

ALL mail %s $USER -s "CVS notification"

Then all parties get mail.


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