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vss2cvs migration of shared files

From: Manik Bafna
Subject: vss2cvs migration of shared files
Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 16:51:36 +0530

There are files in VSS shared across projects and
shared between directories in the same project.
We are migrating from VSS to CVS.
What is the right strategy for migration of shared files.

1. Break the link and maintain as two separate files
2. Break the link and keep only one copy.
This will require change in build scripts and source code.
3. Is there a way where I have only one copy
of the file in the CVS repository and when I
checkout I get multiple copies of the same file
 (I'm not sure whether it is possible using modules).
Are there any implications using this method.

I'm using Laine Stump's scripts for migration.


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