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Chaning CVSRoot in wincvs

From: Sudarshan
Subject: Chaning CVSRoot in wincvs
Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 12:43:33 +0530


I have wincvs1.2 installed as clients, working with linux cvs server.

For the test purpose my first CVSROOT was at /projects/testproject
and i had set the same in wincvs and it was working fine with .cvspass
file holding the root correctly for /projects/testproject

But now the work is started and the new CVSROOT is in /projects/project1

i am not able to set this as cvsroot in wincvs , it is taking the old
cvsroot as the one and i am now unable to checkout the modules in the
newcvsroot even i tried
giving the cvsroot in the command line options as

:pserver:address@hidden:/projects/project1 but the .cvspass files has the
entry for
only /projects/testproj.

Pls help me in solving this issue.
Even i have tried reinstalling the wincvs twice and reconfigured for the
new cvsroot but without any success.

Pls clarify the same



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