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Re: rsh cvs permission denied.

From: Luis M. Gallardo D. -2
Subject: Re: rsh cvs permission denied.
Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 21:10:14 -0400

"Luis M. Gallardo D. -2" <address@hidden> wrote on 23/5/01 6:15 pm:

>Delos Nash 
>m> wrote on 18/5/01 11:46 
>>I'm using RedHat 6.2 and I'm 
>>trying to set up CVS server 
>>on one and client
>>on four other's.
>>I've set it up how the 
>>documentation says but I 
>>keep getting permission
>>denied when I try to 
>>Is there better 
>>documentation out there 
>>that tells how to set this up 
>>scratch. Everything I've 
>>so far is just a reprint of 
>>Man or Info
>>files and they are not much 
>>Would like any help I can 
>You didn't say what 
>conection error you got. But 
>I know there is a tiny bug 
>with RedHat 6.x's inet.conf. 
>You can't put in the inet.conf 
>file that documentation 
>says, instead you have to 
>put the following:
>I hope it helps.

I forgot the line, sorry!

2401  stream  tcp  nowait  root /usr/bin/env env - /usr/bin/cvs -f 
--allow-root=/usr/cvs/cvsroot pserver
Luis M. Gallardo D. <address@hidden>

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