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Re: Admin files in duplicate

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: Admin files in duplicate
Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 16:49:30 -0400 (EDT)

Paddy T writes:
> When I look in the CVSROOT directory in my
> repository,I have all the admin files in duplicate;
> modules,modules,v
> notify,notify,v
> commitinfo,commitinfo,v
> loginfo,loginfo,v
> taginfo,taginfo,v
> like this all admin files;when I commit any changes to
> any of these files,only the ,v file is updated;Is
> there any reason why this is so?I was not here when
> this rep was first created;so I don't know if this is
> a mistake(if so can I delete them?) or these
> duplicates are needed for any purpose.Please clarify.

The ,v files are the usual repository files, the other files are
supposed to be checked-out copies of the most current revision; they are
the files that CVS actually uses, so if they're not up to date, CVS
won't work like you expect.  When you do a checkin to that directory,
you should get a message from CVS that it's "Rebuilding administrative
file database"; that's updating the checked-out copies.  If that doesn't
happen, the most likely reason is that you checked out CVSROOT using one
or more backslashes in the path instead of forward slashes.  *ALWAYS*
use forward slashes with CVS commands!  You can fix that by doing "cvs
init" on the repository.

-Larry Jones

He doesn't complain, but his self-righteousness sure gets on my nerves.
-- Calvin

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