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Non-sticky updates to a baseline tag

From: Mark
Subject: Non-sticky updates to a baseline tag
Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 08:06:24 -0700 (PDT)


I am pretty sure that this functionality doesn't exist currently in
CVS, but perhaps there is a work around and/or it can be added to
the CVS "wish list".

I have experienced the developers can be reluctant to update their
work space regularly. They don't want to pull bad code into their
workspace to add trouble to their workday.

Here's what I am looking to do to help encourage regular updates.
Have an automated build/baseline done early every morning, say 6 or
7 AM. Then, if the build is successful, send out an email to
developers with the tag.

When developers come it (anywhere from 7 -11 AM), they can upate to
the successful build tag. But they don't want to have plain tag
stickiness on their checkout area. If they're working on a branch
tag, that could cause problems and or confusion by replacing the
branch tag.

Is there a way to simulate the effect of all developers running
'cvs update' right after a successful build? If they all did it at
that time, they wouldn't have plain tag stickyness, and be able to
maintain the branch tag they are working on. Obviously they all
won't be they when it happens. (I want the build before developers
arrive, it looks like the best time to get a good baseline from the
day befores work)

Maybe their could be a change request for an option to update to
cancel stickyness. As long as the CVS admin files are updated
correctly, I don't think this would be a problem.

I know the above can be done with developers understanding update
command and the options to it and running cvs update extra times
before commiting (like when the baseline tag is actual the latest
on the branch) and having to remember to update to the branch tag
before checking in. But I think update without stickyness would be
a nice feature.

Any thoughts about issues/solutions regarding developers and
updating regularly, about updating to a baseline tag on a branch
without stickyness, about the option to update to cancel stickness
of the command run?


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