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Re: Not able to release module

From: Sudarshan
Subject: Re: Not able to release module
Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 11:25:20 +0530


even when i tried with command line options in wincvs such as
1st option
* cvs release Code

2nd option
* cvs release /projects/Code

3rd options
*cvs release d:/projects/code

in all th above 3 options i have got the same errors

pls clarify what should i do to solve this problem



Matthew Riechers wrote:

> > But when i want to release the checkedout module it gives me an error
> > saying that
> >
> > cvs release .(in directory D:\projects\project1)
> > cvs update: cannot find passowrd
> > cvs[update aborted]: use "cvs login" to log in first
> > cvs release: Unable to release '.'
> It looks like you are trying to do a release from within the module's
> working directory. You have to run "release" from the directory above,
> like "cvs release modulename"
> -Matt
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