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WinCvs question

Subject: WinCvs question
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 18:32:44


. I am given the charge of version controlling the software products, here in my new small company of 9 developers.   It is decided that we go with WinCvs for our Windows platform and I did some hands-on-practice with WinCvs with the help of, WinCvs - Daily Use Guide.  Now, though, I am confident of doing it, I have some starting trouble.

1.  In my company, currently, 2nd release of the product is going on.  To start with how do I go doing it or what files do I have to put in the repository?  The 8-9 developers are in different locations.  But we are not going in for clint/server mode.  My boss likes to be under control in one local machine, so that modified files can be got over the net and updated/committed in the repository by a single person.

2.  I understand each time we modify and save a file, version(revision) is automatically incremented for each individual file.  But how do we indentify Release 1 from Release 2.  Is it the module name or tag name which makes the difference in Release name?.

Please update me or any other site/address where I can ask questions related to winCvs.

Thank you.


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