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Re: Help....

From: Ingolf Steinbach
Subject: Re: Help....
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 19:57:29 +0200

Kevin Dinsmore wrote:
> We currently have a CVS server for our software guys. I need to move the
> CVS server to a new Machine and we don't have the expertise in house to
> perform this, so we want to out source it.. any ideas or help.

Hi, Kevin.

(I assume you have a pserver.) If you are moving to a new machine, you
should make sure that the new machine has a hostname alias like for
example "cvs" and that there is a symlolic link named "cvsroot" in the root
directory of the new machine pointing to the real cvsroot directory. This
makes future moves to other machines / disks completely transparent for
the developers. They should use CVSROOT set to :pserver:address@hidden:/cvsroot
to make this work.

To move the repository, perform the following:
1) disable the server (via inetd.conf); don't forget to kill -HUP your inetd
2) wait until all cvs processes have finished (on the old server)
3) copy the whole cvsroot to the new destination (preserve file permissions!)
4) reconfigure your DNS: add a "cvs" alias for the hostname of the new server
5) on the new server: ln -s newcvsrootdirectory /cvsroot
6) (if necessary) install cvs software on the new server
7) enable the new pserver via inetd.conf
8) (if you are not yet using the above CVSROOT scheme) have every developer
   either re-checkout their sandboxes or change the CVS/Root files to contain
   the correct hostname alias and /cvsroot path


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