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Re: CVS secure shell?

From: Olivier Berger
Subject: Re: CVS secure shell?
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 10:53:58 +0200

Infoman: Martin Kretschmar wrote:
> Well, this looks like a FAQ. But searching the site for
> "secure shell" wasn't 100% rewarding. With a search to
> "restricted cvs shell" google brought up several items.
> Specifically the CVSH looks as if it was what we would
> like to have.
> For e.g. disallowing logins via SSH combined with a "rm"
> of specific files inside the repository it would be nice
> to have a shell which accepts only cvs command and maybe
> exit. This would be added to the family of the available
> shells.
> Further informations would be welcome.

I suggest you check which
describes how to setup a CVS server with maximum security using SSH and

Hope this helps.

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