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CVS loginfo & MySQL

From: Tracy Brown
Subject: CVS loginfo & MySQL
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 00:12:45 -0700

In the past year or so I've seen a number of mails asking questions about
the possibility of using a database as a service within their CVS
architectures. In a recent dialogue about "triggers" I had mentioned
tracking the log messages within such a database. As a resource to folks
interested in integrating the logging mechanism of CVS with a MySQL
database, I have posted a website with the source to this code (among other
CVS stuff).

There are currently four files available for viewing:
(1) The SQL batch script for creating the table structure in MySQL.
(2) The Perl script.
(3) An example loginfo script I currently use.
(4) A Korn shell script called by the loginfo admin file.

Most of the steps about configuring these scripts for your environment are
outlined within the source code itself, just read through the comments.

If you have any suggestions, I'm open to all possibilities. If you're
looking to integrate with an existing bug tracking system, use the Perl DBI
example in the provided source as a reference.


Tracy Brown

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